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Colchester Prosthetic User Support Group

Site Updated 21/09/18

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Your Stories

All of these articles have been written by amputees or sufferers of limb loss about their experiences. They have shared their stories in the hope that they will help other amputees on their journey. Thank you all.

My Story - “To Amputation and Beyond” by Graham Facey

A Mother’s View - “She’s Not Perfect” by Maureen Flynn

“From bed to WC to back on two feet again” by Rod Wentworth

Mark Pattenden - “I’m an amputee who loves a challenge”

The Amputee Policeman: Real talk from a real amputee Policeman

Amy’s Blog - Me and PFFD (Proximal femoral focal deficiency)

Josh's story  #LifeBeyondInjury  - A spinal injury and limb loss case

Bruce Daugherty - My Journey

Kellys Smile a site where friendships can be made and guidance is at hand.

Hanya Gordon’s blogspot - “I am not drunk….”

DC’s Story

EFDS: Cassie’s Story - Me, Being Active

Not disabilities but different abilities’ by Karen Abeyasekere

Man Hands - a prosthetic user shares her experiences

How the world of disability has changed in the last 80 years – in pictures