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Colchester Prosthetic User Support Group

Site Updated 21/09/18

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The Graham Facey Rehabilitation Garden

in the Gainsborough Wing of Colchester General Hospital

Opened 10th June 2015

Renamed on 21st June 2018

in honour of CollyPUG’s late Chairman

The Graham Facey Rehabilitation Garden

In June 2015 CollyPUG Chairman Graham Facey, Vice-Chairman Bob Shaw and the rest of the CollyPUG committee were very proud to see the Walk-in Garden at Colchester General Hospital open.

The garden, designed to help prosthetic users learn to walk again, would not have been possible without their hard work and dedication.

After the sad passing of Bob in October 2016 and Graham in June 2017, it was decided that the garden should be re-named in Graham’s honour and a plaque dedicated to Bob be placed within the garden.

After losing his leg in 2003 Graham dedicated his time and energy into improving the lives of fellow amputees. Despite his own health issues, Graham was always ready to offer help and support to anyone who needed it.

One of Graham's biggest achievements as Chairman of CollyPUG was the provision of a garden at Colchester Hospital designed to help prosthetic users learn to walk again. Along with the CollyPUG committee, Graham worked tirelessly to see the project from creation right through to it's grand opening in June 2015.

The garden was renamed "The Graham Facey Rehabilitation Garden" in June 2018 in recognition of all his hard work.

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