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Colchester Prosthetic User Support Group

Site Updated 23/05/18

Email: CollyPUG@gmail.com                                                                    All information correct at time of hosting

CONTACT US FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK Stunning model whose legs were amputated after she contracted deadly flesh-eating illness shows off beauty of her 'new body' - 14 Nov 2016 Inspiration dad Alex Lewis, who had all four limbs amputated, takes on gruelling Arctic kayak trek for charity - 7 Oct 2016 Quadruple amputee Jamie Andrew conquers Matterhorn - 8 Aug 2016 Clare Cunningham: Paralympic Champion swimmer and 2009 ITU Paratriathlon World Champion - 15 Jul 2016 Paralympic Snowboarder Michelle Salt: My Accident Made Me Feel More Beautiful - 8 Jul 2016 A new adventure: Trauma, tragedy inspire new life at sea for Big Islander - 6 Mar 2017 Hero soldier returns to duty with battalion after losing leg to a Taliban bomb - 14 Mar 2017 Tiny WW1 amputee whose fight for fair treatment still inspires soldiers a century later

Inspirational Amputees

Introducing Viktoria Modesta