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Colchester Prosthetic User Support Group

Site Updated 21/09/18

Email: CollyPUG@gmail.com                                                                    All information correct at time of hosting


Volunteer Visitor Service

Decisions on Elective Surgery leading to Amputation

Colchester Prosthetic User Group are proud to offer a volunteer visitor service where we are available to help people who are being asked to make a decision on whether to have elective surgery or not, which could lead to an amputation and the consequences on their lives and on their family and friends.

Where we cannot give any medical advice we can from our own experiences relate on how an amputation effected us and our families and friends , also how we overcame certain problems in our day to day lives following an amputation.

Within our trained team of volunteers we have family / carer members who can speak to family / partners about their worries on how best to help once the decision has been made and the operation has been done.

These meetings can be undertaken wherever convenient, in a home, a cafe or anywhere where the person is at ease and comfortable for a full and frank discussion to take place.

We are here to help and not judge, we are here to help people through a difficult time, when the decision made could lead to a huge change in how the rest of their life’s journey will unfold.

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