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Colchester Prosthetic User Support Group

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June 2017

LimbPower releases series of exercise videos for amputees - 27 Jun

May 2017

PIP suicide woman’s sister blames ‘barbaric’ system for her death - 18 May

Disabled people ‘forced into dangerous workfare that breaches health + safety laws’ - 18 May

DWP pilot failure on WCA ‘calls into question willingness to learn from suicides’ - 18 May

DWP 'has outrageous target' to reject 80% of benefits appeals - 17 May

The Lake District high-ropes course for wheelchair users - 17 May

DamBrilliant DamBusters! (Now with video link) - 16 May

DWP has 80% targets for refusing benefit reconsiderations - 16 May

Celebrating ten years of courage and hope - 15 May

M25 motorway circumnavigation - 14 May

Disabled people ‘denied access to justice by failure of judges’ - 11 May

Disabled mother-of-five launches lobby group after 20 years of family court injustice - 11 May

Scrapping EHRC disability commissioner role ‘risks sidelining disability’ - 11 May

Kingston man completes 160 mile non-stop walk of M25 in under 44 hours - 11 May

Theresa May refuses to rule out further disability benefits cuts - 10 May

Disabled woman left stranded on Tube in tears after string of blunders by staff - 10 May

Mother wins disability discrimination case - 9 May

Minicab driver prosecuted for refusing to carry assistance dog - 8 May

EHRC confusion after minister appears to scrap disability commissioner role - 4 May

Election forces MPs to abandon PIP inquiry, but evidence backs up dishonesty claims - 4 May

Activists protest at eight stations hit by access delays - 4 May

Innovative new leg club coming to Clacton - 3 May

PIP: The reasonable wishes of a claimant to walk further or more frequently must be considered

April 2017

April 2017: UK Limb Loss Awareness Month

Minister announces new PIP flexibility on Motability… but no sign of scheme extension - 27 Apr

Government admits failing to record actions after benefit suicide inquiries - 27 Apr

Concern as minister appoints Tory peer as equality watchdog’s disability lead - 27 Apr

Disabled people face ‘unacceptable barriers’ and government must do more, say Mps - 27 Apr

Setback for taxi wheelchair access, after councils snub new laws - 27 Apr

EHRC threatens Premier League clubs with formal investigations over access failings - 27 Apr

Bank finally admits it failed disabled customer, after three-year battle - 27 Apr

Nursing regulator finally clarifies stats on benefit assessment complaints - 27 Apr

Male Model Makes History As First Amputee To Make It To Finals Of Mr England - 26 Apr

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ 2017: Alesha Dixon Grants Wish Of Scoliosis Sufferer With Poignant Golden Buzzer Choice - 22 Apr

Vermont Teddy Bear partners with Amputee Coalition featuring new Limb Loss and Limb Difference bears - 18 Apr

Disability benefits: PIPs assessment firms 'to get extra £200m' - 14 Apr

Veteran first in the state to receive 'bionic' prosthetic - 12 Apr

Thousands have disability vehicles taken away - 12 Apr

Man who had leg amputated after hit and run helped design and build the ‘world’s most intelligent limb’ - 7 Apr

Teenager tells of her growing leg collection - 6 Apr

Scottish teen who had limb removed when she was five needs new prosthetic leg every six months - 6 Apr

Wheelchair-users could face further delays on long-awaited taxi access laws - 6 Apr

Disability rights have regressed in nine areas, says EHRC - 6 Apr

MPs make ‘crucial’ call over national tax rises to solve social care funding crisis - 6 Apr

Average pay rates fell seven times faster for disabled employees during coalition years - 6 Apr

Rail industry’s ‘shameful’ attempt to disguise Britain’s inaccessible network - 6 Apr

PIP review ignores evidence of dishonesty among Atos and Capita assessors - 6 Apr

Exposed: Mordaunt’s ‘false promises’ on WRAG cut mitigation - 6 Apr

Concern over UN’s ‘silence’ on benefit-related deaths - 6 Apr

NHS England publishes new guidance on public engagement - 6 Apr

ESA disability benefits are changing THIS WEEK - here's what you need to know - 6 Apr

Riddlesworth Preparatory School raises £1,000 to ELoH - 3 Apr

Prince Harry stuns double amputee with surprise visit during training for Marathon - 3 Apr

March 2017

‘Shabby’ Labour fails again on disability rights, after abstaining on PIP cuts vote - 30 Mar

BBC board role is chance to push broadcaster on jobs, says Tanni - 30 Mar

Police force pledges to investigate bus drivers who ignore access laws - 30 Mar

University to provide a home for NDACA disability arts collection - 30 Mar

More than 220 member groups of mental health network close in two years - 30 Mar

‘Disability Confident’ advocacy charity ‘discriminated against disabled employee’ - 30 Mar

DWP presentation on ESA plans ‘confirms worst fears’ about green paper - 30 Mar

Campaign hopes to force improvements to ‘disgraceful’ access to rail travel - 23 Mar

Ministers face twin attack over bus accessibility failures - 23 Mar

New Labour shadow reveals PMQs access nightmare… and ‘social model’ ignorance - 23 Mar

Ministers forced into sickness benefit u-turn over ‘sanction fodder’ measure - 23 Mar

Nearly half of PIP reviews saw award cut, according to unpublished DWP figures - 23 Mar

Disabled EU citizens raise fears over post-Brexit residency rights - 23 Mar

DPOs join forces to brief UN on how UK has breached disability convention - 16 Mar

DPO hopes mayoral election will see Manchester lead the way on disability rights - 16 Mar

‘Frustration’ at two-month wait for EHRC’s new disability commissioner - 16 Mar

PIP investigation: MPs warn of ‘broken’ system and distressed claimants - 16 Mar

Deprivation of liberty rules are ‘in crisis’ and must be replaced, says Law Commission - 16 Mar

‘Fitness for work’ test has led to deterioration in mental health, say researchers - 16 Mar

PIP investigation: Nursing regulator faces questions over assessment complaints - 16 Mar

PIP investigation: Council probes ‘shockingly poor and dishonest’ assessments - 16 Mar

DWP 'tells disability benefits assessors to discriminate against people with mental health conditions' - 14 Mar

Paralysis inspires MS discovery - 13 Mar

Maximus ‘admits’ using brutal and dangerous suicide questions - 13 Mar

Tory MPs talk for so long they derail law to stop creeping privatization of the NHS - 11 Mar

Disabled peer says Mordaunt was ‘spinning like crazy’ over PIP cuts - 9 Mar

Town council secures half a million in lottery cash… then bans electric wheelchairs - 9 Mar

Maximus ‘admits’ using brutal and dangerous suicide questions - 9 Mar

PIP cuts ‘will be debated and voted on’ - 9 Mar

Activists bring ‘no more benefit deaths’ message to Westminster - 9 Mar

PIP: MPs’ evidence session confirms concerns, but dodges dishonesty claims - 9 Mar

PIP investigation: Claimant group tell MPs of ‘systemic malpractice’ by assessors - 9 Mar

Billions of pounds of PIP cuts ‘will put lives at risk’ - 8 Mar 2017

NAWRA condemns backdoor cuts to PIP - 6 Mar

Thousands pained by ill-fitting artificial limbs as the NHS edges out its skilled craftsmen - 6 Mar

Information commissioner questions DWP’s ‘highly unusual’ failure on benefit deaths - 2 Mar

PIP investigation: ‘Horrific’ suicide question sparks fresh assessment inquiry calls - 2 Mar

No chance of halving employment gap without tackling independent living, says DPO - 2 Mar

PIP investigation: Claimant seeks judicial review over assessment flaws - 2 Mar

Green paper was missed opportunity to dump biopsychosocial model, says DPO - 2 Mar

DWP Admits Error After Man With No Legs Told He’s ‘Fit For Work’ As He Can ‘Climb Stairs With His Arms’ - 1 Mar

Anglesey man designs son's bionic arm using Xbox scanner and 3D printer - 1 Mar

February 2017

Douglas Bader Fondation Announces National Activities For Young People

Welfare funds must serve ‘really disabled’ people, says MP - 27 Feb

New NHS funding helps amputee to improve his mobility and safety - 27 Feb

Allowing DWP barristers to sit as benefits appeal judges ‘is unquestionably wrong’ - 23 Feb

PIP investigation: Capita made me a scapegoat, says disgraced assessor - 23 Feb

Minister appoints 11 ‘sector champions’ to boost inclusion - 23 Feb

PIP claimant who took her own life had written about unfair assessment report - 23 Feb

'Slow' progress on High Street access for disabled people - 22 Feb

Orthopedic Surgeon To Implant Groundbreaking Permanent Prosthetic Legs - 20 Feb

Psychologists warn benefit sanctions damaging people’s health, must be suspended - 20 Feb

Sister launches judicial review claim in bid for sanctions death inquest - 16 Feb

G4S, Maximus and ‘A4E’ all set to win contracts under Work and Health Programme - 16 Feb

Spartacus exposes work and health green paper ‘smokescreen’ - 16 Feb

PIP investigation: 100 cases, and still DWP refuses to accept the dishonest truth - 16 Feb

Woman took her own life two days after learning of failed PIP appeal - 16 Feb

‘Hard Brexit’ could see disabled people lose right to independent living, say peers - 9 Feb

PIP investigation: Regulator refuses to act over Capita assessment report ‘lies’  - 9 Feb

Self-employment can provide choice and control for disabled people, MPs hear - 9 Feb

Peer pressure sees minister finally announce date for taxi access laws - 9 Feb

National DPOs forced to withdraw report sent to UN over benefit deaths evidence - 9 Feb

Green Party calls on government to launch benefit deaths inquiry - 9 Feb

The Prosthetic leg named 'Very Good Knees' - 8 Feb

Love your disability: Glimmer shines bright in a sea of failed dating apps - 8 Feb

Extra public meeting on CCG’s Urgent Care review - 7 Feb

Devon mum, 31, has her foot amputated to get her life 'back on track' - 7 Feb

Bath College student fundraising support for quadruple amputee Harmonie-Rose Allen - 7 Feb

Triple amputee veteran living in DIY SOS Village secures first job since being discharged from army - 6 Feb

Dog lover has prosthetic legs made to match his beloved Dalmatians - 6 Feb

Royal Bank of Scotland customer left "degraded" by carrying out business in a car park - 5 Feb

11-year old amputee has mobility scooter stolen - 5 Feb

Colchester and Ipswich hospitals could merge in £33 million saving - 3 Feb

First Bus response to Supreme Court ruling ‘treats disabled people with contempt’  - 2 Feb

PIP investigation: MPs to consider assessment dishonesty claims - 2 Feb

Red hot charity walk helps amputees find their feet again - 2 Feb

Husband-and-wife team invent clever knee joint for amputees - 2 Feb

Yorkshire nurse back at work thanks to her bionic arm - 1 Feb

Leeds UTC students help make 3D prosthetic hands - 1 Feb

Bionx 'emPOWER'​ ankle now available through UK wide Dorset Orthopaedic clinics - 1 Feb

Paralysed ‘robocop’ presented with Israeli suit allowing her to walk again - 1 Feb

January 2017

Boston Marathon bombing survivor to wed fireman who saved her - 31 Jan

Quadruple amputee Corinne Hutton puts herself in the line of fire for a good cause - 31 Jan

Rocker on the mend in hospital - 31 Jan

Alton Towers crash victim Vicky Balch poses naked to promote body confidence - 30 Jan

'I would do anything to prevent what happened to me,' says Cambridge student struck down with meningitis - 30 Jan

PIP INVESTIGATION: Regulator receives ‘over 1,600 complaints about assessors’ - 26 Jan

PIP INVESTIGATION: Politicians call for action over ‘widespread dishonesty by assessors’ - 26 Jan

‘Photography has saved me’ – double amputee sets up own business - 26 Jan

Four proud women reveal how they triumphed over life-changing secrets - 24 Jan

PIP claimant set to take DWP to court over refusal to allow him to use email - 21 Jan

Story of Holmfirth's Sarah Dransfield who lost leg to cancer to be turned into play - 21 Jan

Solicitor general appeals sentences on ‘disability hate crime’ murder - 19 Jan

Saved: At the Heart of the Health Service - 18 Jan

Nurses appeal to help colleague after sepsis - 18 Jan

Why this Croydon mum asked for her hand to be amputated - 18 Jan

'Wheelchair v buggy': Disabled man wins Supreme Court case - 18 Jan

The robotics company given NHS funding to develop hands for amputees - 17 Jan

New hand opens up Newbury girl's world - 17 Jan

Premier League clubs could face legal action over disabled facilities - 16 Jan

Amputated foot gets its own Instagram account - 14 Jan

High-profile social care funding demands ‘risk ignoring voices of service-users’ - 12 Jan

PIP claimant set to take DWP to court over refusal to allow him to use email - 12 Jan

ELoH’s Chair speaks at University of East Anglia - 12 Jan

Children begin to receive prostheses that will help them run, swim… or play the violin - 12 Jan

Anger over ‘welfare reform’ CBEs for DWP directors - 11 Jan

Fundraising for triple amputee steps into overdrive as girlfriend 'holds back tears' - 5 Jan

'Dogs better catered for than disabled' claims Carmarthen amputee - 5 Jan

MT Push off-road wheelchairs available at additional National Trust sites - 4 Jan

Soldier who lost his leg after being run over by an armoured vehicle he was pulling during a charity event at an army base in Afghanistan sues the MoD - 3 Jan

Councils fail to prosecute over blue badge fraud - 3 Jan

Meningitis sufferer who lost her toes to the virus to use her best friend's 'beautiful' feet as moulds for her prosthetics as she aims to walk again - 2 Jan

December 2016

Hero amputee gets Christmas wish to have wife by hospital bed over festive period thanks to charity - 17 Dec

Watchdog’s inquiry into accessible housing shortage ‘must also look at affordability’ - 15 Dec

Sleepless nights and big decisions - CCG boss Sam Hepplewhite balances growing demand with shrinking resources - 15 Dec

Double amputee is walking home to Norfolk for Christmas - 3 Dec

RAF Waddington amputee Spitfire pilot flies solo - 2 Dec

NHS to give amputees advanced prosthetic technology

November 2016

Mum's devastation as Olly Murs concert cancels fundraiser for her daughter - 29 Nov

Four tram crash survivors still recovering in hospital, 'some with amputations' according to police - 22 Nov

Jeremy Hunt is selling off another vital part of the NHS even though its MAKING money - 21 Nov

Mum learning to walk again after undergoing double leg amputation when 'cold' turned out to be deadly infection - 21 Nov

Secret plan for £22billion of NHS cuts could close A&Es, hospitals and maternity units - 21 Nov

'The lorry hit me head-on... when I looked down my leg was gone' - Former soccer player and amputee is Operation Transformation hopeful - 18 Nov

Anglesey man Carwyn Edwards back home after leg amputations - 18 Nov

First steps for brave amputee Conall - 18 Nov

Amputee awarded honorary doctorate by University of the West of Scotland - 18 Nov

DWP must end inhumane PIP tests after public outcry echoes our campaign, says Record View - 17 Nov

Sanction death man’s sister turns to courts after coroner turns down inquest call - 17 Nov

Damian Green faces fresh accusations of misleading MPs over disability benefits - 17 Nov

Whistleblower lifts lid on 'daily flood' of complaints from disabled people about heartless PIP assessments - 17 Nov

Welsh government has ‘sold disabled people down the river’ on post-ILF plans - 17 Nov

Abrahams ‘uninvites’ DPO… because it wanted to talk about independent living - 17 Nov

'Sometimes I want to cut my leg off' says girl, 19, with most painful condition known - 15 Nov

NHS Fife 'sorry' as man has leg amputated after it becomes infected with maggots - 15 Nov

Champs unite at Highview! - 14 Nov

Teenager considers amputation due to complex regional pain syndrome - 14 Nov

Life or death trauma, illness and amputation led to modelling careers - 13 Nov

Amputee feels empowered after taking part in documentary with photographer Rankin - 10 Nov

Tories' hated bedroom tax defeated in Supreme Court giving hope to 600,000 families struggling to pay - 9 Nov

Amputee is beaten with his own prosthetic limb - 8 Nov

UN Report into UK Government maltreatment of disabled people has been published - 7 Nov

Ministers set to force work-related activity on everyone in ESA support group - 3 Nov

Cal Poly gets grant to study the best way for amputees to exercise - 3 Nov

Quadruple amputee make-up artist inspires thousands - 2 Nov

I am a wheelchair user. Why can’t I enter the Brighton Marathon by myself? - 1 Nov

October 2016

No U-turn on benefit cuts that will take £1,000 a year off three million families - 31 Oct

Amputee model Jack Eyers stars in Russian Fashion Week - 29 Oct

Bishop Auckland amputee in dropped kerb battle - 29 Oct

Fundraiser For Brave Weymouth Amputee - 29 Oct

Teenage girl paid £5000 to have her amputated after suffering with ingrowing toe nail - 28 Oct

Maggot therapy saves man's leg from amputation - 27 Oct

Labour admits ‘confusion’… but still no shadow minister for disabled people - 27 Oct

Man wakes up from coma with amputated arms, legs and face and no memory of wife - 25 Oct

Virtual reality used in Sheffield Hallam prosthetic limb exhibition - 25 Oct

Council criticised for excluding disabled people from consultation group - 20 Oct

St Albans school’s fundraiser at Arsenal hub for amputee charity - 20 Oct

Man who lost his face, arms and legs to a blood infection describes recovery - 19 Oct

Top Models of Diversity model Jack Eyers opens cutting edge show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Moscow - 18 Oct

Ambulance refuses double amputee's wheelchair over crash testing fears - 18 Oct

Girl, 11, who lost hands to meningitis helps develop new prosthetics for amputees - 17 Oct

Inquiry after amputation of toes performed in ward at hospital - 15 Oct

Amputee team at Ninewellss hospital nominated for Scottish Health Awards - 13 Oct

'I have no legs mate': Amputee rages at Plymouth taxi shambles - 11 Oct

Receptionists 'put people off' visiting their GP - 11 Oct 2016

Scottish bionic arm takes centre stage at Zurich Cybathlon - 8 Oct

Pilgrim Bandits celebrate kayak trip to Greenland with military amputees - 7 Oct 2016

Meningitis teenager shares photos to raise awareness - 6 Oct

Disabled mannequins, a tribute for differently abled because not everyone is 'perfect' - 2 Oct

Former gymnast talks about her plea for amputation - 1 Oct

September 2016

Smiler crash: Alton Towers operator Merlin fined £5m - 27 Sep

Disabled man from Aylesbury competing in first ever ‘bionic Olympics’ - 21 Sep

No more welfare cuts to come under Theresa May, says minister - 18 Sep

PIP failing disabled people - 18 Sep

Plymouth pupils amputate legs and dissect brains in hands-on science workshop - 15 Sep

Diabetic claims benefit sanctions forced leg amputation - 15 Sep

Ysbyty Gwynedd drop in diabetic patient limb amputations - 15 Sep

Falklands war veteran and former Suffolk teacher to take on swim challenge for military amputee charity - 14 Sep

Family fundraise for £41,000 prosthetic arm for island man - 14 Sep

Here’s how to convince the brain that prosthetic legs are real - 12 Sep

City among the worst for diabetes related limb amputations - 12 Sep

Footballer who had legs amputated after hit and run vows to walk down the aisle - 12 Sep

Smiler victim Vicky Balch hopes for ride to be closed after riders were left stranded - 7 Sep

Sports mad boy, 11, fitted with Paralympics style running blade - 7 Sep

Chelmsford double amputee's fury after getting two parking tickets outside own home - 5 Sep

Penalty Points for Disabled Bay Abuse? - 1 Sep

August 2016

'I was offered ninth floor flat' says double amputee Devon veteran - 22 Aug

Double amputee left a prisoner in own home and can't move into flat near her family - 21 Aug

I'm a DWP call handler and have no time to care about your disability claim - 20 Aug

Athletic Midwife who Lost a Leg Cycling in London Reacts to Driver’s £625 Fine - 19 Aug

PIP computer system crashes again… twice - 18 Aug

Royal Gwent Hospital nurse 'overwhelmed' by support after triple amputation - 18 Aug

Shaun Whiter: Amputee speaks out about hit-and-run driver - 14 Aug

Wheelchair user woman turned away from disability assessment centre – because she could not climb the stairs - 12 Aug

Atos nurse struck off over PIP assessment lies - 11 Aug

Boy's prosthetic hand printed in Reading FC colours - 11 Aug

Quadruple-amputee toddler who lost her limbs due to meningitis receives customized American Girl doll that looks just like her - 10 Aug

Scottish amputees put in last minute training ahead of cycle 90km around Isle of Arran - 9 Aug

New prosthetic helps Lairg's Don work on his croft - 9 Aug

Eight-year-old boy to receive new prosthetic hand from University of Bedfordshire - 9 Aug

Man who lost his leg to cancer walks again after 17 years - 5 Aug

Double amputee from Acton aged just 11 set to run for charity - 4 Aug

Researchers have made a Luke Skywalker-style based prosthetic arm - 4 Aug

Why did the mass murder of 19 disabled people in Japan barely rate? - 2 Aug

ELoH’s Sarah and Isabelle speak at PACE Rehabilitation Conference - 1 Aug

Mother campaigns for charity after son had to have limbs amputated - 1 Aug

July 2016

Supermarket staff club together to replace amputee's stolen walker - 31 Jul

Schoolboy lost his leg and almost died when coach door burst open at 60mph - 30 Jul

Oakley Lynch was given the world's smallest 3D printed prosthetic hand by his father - 29 Jul

Squishy cubes with a secret smile could be used for prosthetics - 27 Jul

Bikers who both had legs amputated following crash set to marry after Southmead Hospital proposal - 25 Jul

Dad comes home from work with 'flu' – wakes up four weeks later with amputated feet - 25 Jul

Young amputee prepares for 90k challenge after charity turned her life around - 23 Jul

Prosthetics and sculpture: art meets medicine at the Henry Moore Institute - 22 Jul

I love Channel 4’s Paralympics advert. But we can’t all be superhumans - 20 Jul 2016

Triple amputee set to walk furthest distance on prosthetic legs - 21 Jul 2016

Leeds display explores sculptors' role in prosthetics development - 21 Jul 2016

Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino says Shaun Whiter 'an inspiration' in letter to double-leg amputee - 21 Jul 2016

British disabled people treated like second-class citizens: human rights watchdog - 20 Jul 2016

Watch Bath's Harmonie-Rose side-step on her prosthetic limbs at her toy kitchen - 18 Jul 2016

Amputee slams 'nightmare' bus journey after impatient driver left her struggling - 15 Jul 2016

Teenage amputee teams up with paralympic athlete to raise awareness of volunteering initiatives - 12 Jul 2016

Teen who broke ankle after tripping over pothole fears amputation after doctors 'failed to listen to her' - 12 Jul 2016

Blade Boy Rio first to be fitted by Dorset Orthopaedic - 11 Jul 2016

Is DRUK Trying To Silence Disability Researcher? - 9 Jul 2016

‘Single theme’ decision of government’s Action Alliance ‘feels like a cop-out’ - 7 Jul 2016

Controversial £7.5 million NHS database scrapped on same day as Chilcot Report - 6 Jul 2016

Scientists Discover We Have A ‘Force Field’ Around Our Bodies And Can Feel It - 4 Jul 2016

Steeton company goes to aid of amputee - 1 Jul 2016

June 2016

Student has amputated after being crushed by boulder on Scottish hike - 26 Jun 2016

Brexit consequences for disability rights - 24 Jun 2016

What is Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and why is it so vague? - 24 Jun 2016

County Durham man to become UK"s first quadruple amputee model - 23 Jun 2016

Brave Coatbridge amputee abseils 80-feet for top charity - 22 Jun 2016

Woman should have part of infected leg amputated, judge rules - 21 Jun 2016

Former Olympic judo competitor loses leg in horrific north London bus crash - 12 Jun 2016

Plymouth student reunited with £3K prosthetic hand - 12 Jun 2016

A double amputee's emotional 'thank you' to medics for saving his life - 9 Jun 2016

UK government set for UN grilling in Geneva over ‘breaches of disability rights’  - 9 Jun 2016

EHRC commissioner calls on sports bodies to act on disabled board members - 9 Jun 2016

Plymouth party student loses prosthetic hand - 9 Jun 2016

‘Biopsychosocial’ basis for benefit cuts is ‘cavalier, unevidenced and misleading’ - 9 Jun 2016

Alton Towers crash amputee ‘told to start walking and refused disability help’ - 9 Jun 2016

Royal Navy veteran amputee takes on 24 hour hand-cycle challenge - 8 Jun 2016

Daily Mail finally admits it was completely wrong about disablity scheme ‘fraud’ - 7 Jun 2016

What's wrong with a wheelchair? - 4 Jun 2016

Disability Confident attracts just 40 mainstream private sector partners in 3 years - 2 Jun 2016

Premier League silent on whether clubs can break promises on access - 2 Jun 2016

Care Act fails in first year, finds Revitalise study - 2 Jun 2016

Paralympic movement still run by non-disabled people, survey shows - 2 Jun 2016

May 2016

Owzat for bravery? Lad, 10, can finally play cricket thanks to bionic legs

Colchester Hospital apologises for "never events" - 31 May 2016

Hatton amputee physio calls time on 38-year Burton career - 30 May 2016

Double amputee Afghan vet back from Invictus games with flying future in mind - 29 May 2016

DWP ‘puts child abuse trial at risk’ by insisting on PIP reassessment - 26 May 2016

Disabled Workers Conference: PIP U-turn ‘could be turning-point’ in fightback - 26 May 2016

Tears of joy as aspiring 'blade runner' Neil (16) does first lap on new leg - 24 May 2016

London mountaineer joins race to lead first combat amputee up Everest - 19 May 2016

Labour minister calls for independent probe into benefit claimant deaths after DWP publishes reviews - 17 May 2016

Prince Harry and Rio: Part Two - 16 May 2016

The man with the amazing arm: 26-year-old has futuristic limb that includes phone charger, torch and even a DRONE - 16 May 2016

'Smart leg' makes engineering prize shortlist - 16 May 2016

Make it so: Prosthetic leg adjusted for Star Trek fan - 16 May 2016

Alton Towers bars one-handed woman from Smiler rollercoaster - 9 May 2016

Headley Court military rehabilitation unit opened to veterans - 8 May 2016

Budding athlete from Basingstoke set to have leg amputated - 7 May 2016

Kesgrave teenager who lost leg to cancer looks ahead to her future after finishing chemotherapy - 5 May 2016

The Mayor of London launches the Sarah Hope Line - 5 May 2016

Inspiring young amputee sets social media alight with Good Morning Britain appearance - 5 May 2016

Meningitis survivor Lyndon Longhorne breaks British record in the pool - 1 May 2016