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Colchester Prosthetic User Support Group

Site Updated 21/09/18

Email: CollyPUG@gmail.com                                                                    All information correct at time of hosting



(Colchester Prosthetic User Support Group)

CollyPUG is an independent voluntary support group based in Colchester. It was set up to benefit all Prosthetic Clinic users, all those with limb loss, their carers and families.

How It Began: At a Forum Meeting in April 2009 it was suggested by Archie Kaul-Mead, Head of Physiotherapy, that perhaps those present would like to form a User Group. Volunteers were asked for and a committee was formed.
 Since that day we have met several times, working hard towards putting the User Group onto a sound footing. For more about the origins of the group read “PUG: The Story So Far” here

Sadly the group lost 2 of its founder members, Vice Chairman Bob Shaw in October 2016 and Chairman Graham Facey in June 2017. This had led to the group having to change a few things about the way it operates. However, the group continues to offer help and support regarding limb loss to anyone who needs it.

It must be stressed that any advice we share with you will not contain any technical or medical advice as we are not qualified to do so.

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